Carrie’s partiality and admiration for love and life transfers over to her work flawlessly.  She has a beautiful way of drawing out the best of everyone she photographs, and that passion for capturing the authentic image is demonstrated continually throughout her work.  Not only will you smile as you peruse her portfolio and envision your own session with her talent behind the lens, but you will undoubtedly walk away from your experience with Carrie as one you treasure and remember for years to come.

As a person, Carrie is fun, exciting, compassionate, dedicated, and truly has a heart of gold.  She is one of those people that make you feel better after being around her and you eagerly look forward to the next occasion you can spend time with her.  She is an incredibly loyal friend, a most loving wife, and there is nothing more cherished to her than family.  

Always willing to love so freely, Carrie puts others before herself in everything she does.  Her selflessness is quickly recognizable and is one the most endearing qualities about her.  She is a true professional through and through and it’s been an absolute privilege to know her and be the recipient of her love and friendship for the past thirteen years.